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San Diego Bay is a recreational haven that attracts boaters from all over the globe. To make the bay more accessible and enjoyable, the Port of San Diego provides temporary anchorage areas and docking facilities for boaters who are able to make reservations online.


Create guest dock & anchoring reservations or check availability of the Cruisers Anchorage by using the kiosk conveniently located at 1401 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92106


Beginning in January 2015, the Port of San Diego is resuming the Alternative Work Week program. The Port Administration Building and administrative offices for Harbor Police will be closed every other Friday.

Closed these Fridays: Dec 30, Jan 13, & Jan 27 for alternative work week schedule program.  


Frequently Asked Questions.

Where are your anchorages located?

A-5 Glorietta Bay - 32 degrees 43 minutes 45 seconds North by 117 degrees 11 minutes 18 seconds West.

A-1 La Playa - 32 degrees 40 minutes 69 seconds North.
by 117 degrees 10 minutes 07 seconds West.

A-9 Cruiser Anchorage - 32 degrees 42 minutes 90 seconds North by 117 degrees 13 minutes 84 seconds West.

Where are your guest docks located?
32 degrees 42 minutes 50 seconds North by
117 degrees 32 minutes 43 seconds West.

Tips on how to Cancel a Reservation:

Go to "My Account" , log-in, enter your password, then review your reservation history and simply hit "CANCEL" on the appropriate line item(s). 

If you know ahead of time that you are not going to use your anchoring permit, please cancel it. This will free up permits for other boaters during holidays and busy weekends.


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